We’re With You All The Way

Once you’ve booked a Comedy Bingo night with Big Comedy UK, you’ve got a wealth of fund raising experience on tap.

If you need advice on promotion, you’ve got it.

If you need posters for your event, we’ll design one for you.

If you need advice on prizes, we know which ones raise a laugh and which ones people really want.

If you want to run raffles, novelty competions, charity auctions we can work them into your night.

We do family friendly and more grown up events, tell us your target audience and we promise to get it spot on.

We provide the P.A. system, bingo cards, the comedy caller, the traditional bingo machine – everything, even down to the dibbers to mark your cards.

You provide the venue and the audience. Then you can sit back and enjoy one of the funniest most enjoyable evenings of fund raising in the country.